October outreaches was up and rolling . There have been some changes some new additions and some programs for one reason or another did not contact us for services. As always, I personally Thank G4S and Youth Services for allowing us in their programs with a postive message.


October 8 I was invited to met with with Mr. Sam Cerezo at Hillsborogh Intensive Residential Center to discuss sevices to the  newly acquired programs of G4S. It was a pleasure to discuss services that The Throw Away Kids can provide. I am happy to say that out first outreach will be November 20 with an Christian Ex -Gang member that was left for dead by his "homies".  This should reach a few kids.  We are really excited to add these programs to our programs and we have many Christian Rappers in the Tampa area.


October 16 The Throw Away Kids was at St. Johns Correctional Center with OmoTayo and Michael Beckford. This was our second outreach there and this program has a very special place in my heart. Mr. Wright is so helpful and a very professinal example to all the kids. Also a "shout out" to Ms. Richardson that joined in with the fun. The kids heard from Michael Beckford that is an author . He told the kids of his foster care life and it is reflected in his books. He has his own publishing company called "SPEAK PUBLISHING".  A great mentor for the kids to see they can come out of any thing and have a successful life. OmoTayo gave his heart in Rap to the kids and they listened to all the message. All kids was given a Halleween bag of goodies and a positive tract.


October 23  We returned to OJCC and OYDC.  I wish to personally THANK YOU MS. Debbie Gilette that has been so helpful to us. She booked the two programs and she is a positive influence in the programs. We was at OYDC with  Cell and King David and Dilligent. Cell and King David rocked the house but Dilligent had the MESSAGE.  He was part of a gang that did it all. He put his "colors" down and they beat him so bad that they  kicked all his teeth out and he was left for dead. The kids really sat still and listened.  It was  very moving for all of us. The MC'S Nick and Jonthan  was in OJCC and we had no sound. I did not bring it and and the Artists did not have any. But the testimony was awesome for the kids. They also listened and heard of the death of the streets. There was a lot of talking with the kids with Nick and Jonthan .We had Evanglist Rafael Calderon rolling with us and he was always ready to give the kids a WORD.  Then we went to Rockober III at Osceola Middle School in Okeechobee . It was  such an awesome pleasure to meet Luke Enfinger that hosted the event. We had a great time.All Media Production was done by Crown Of Life Productions.


October 30 We  ended  the month rocking and rolling for The Throw Away Kids was Hastings and Orlando Youth .  As always Mr Banks is the Best and is on point with his program. Omotoyo had special guests with him. The Cater Crew was up in the house . They are twins and they rock it for JESUS .The kids had a treat with them. They all got treats from Mrs. OB (OmoTayo wife) shout out to her. She has come to love the kids.


Back again at Orlando Youth with Mr. Pate's program. These kids had CFL and it was his last outreach since he was returning back to his home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We had all the crew with us.His Will is as always the best and the Kids love him. He has been were they are.  There was the Puppet Guy Alex Gonzalez. The kids love his black puppet that has the craziest sayings..... We also have Halo Rodriguez as Dj and he is the "best".... Shawn Allen can up next with a rap called 12 Steps about a recoving addict . That song was written about Justin and he was there. He gave a short testimony about his life before and now. We had a new kid on the block called "Eclipse" and he poured his heart out.  Also on the set was Mahmound Ebatnij aka Pounds and he is also a new kid on the block. I proud of all my kids and I love them all . The kids warned up and talked to the crew and received bags of treats.


All in All The Throw Away Kids Rolled 4 JESUS and we bring it in with a positive message for this generation that needs to change their lives.


Much Love


Ms Rita 


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