September was a much needed rest during this month. Labor Day was a day of going no where for once. On September the 4th we were at Club Renmant for a fund drive for the throw away kids. All my faithful Christian Rappers showed up and showed out. William Stallings AKA Cell organized the entire event. There was Cell, King David, CFL, Danyelle, OmoTayo, Seven J, The Mc, and others. Special Shout out to Pastor Monica that has a VOICE that is from Heaven.  We had a fun night for all. The following week end we were in Lake Helen with F.O.R.C.E. ministries. Angel our host was awesome. Hope and Truth was up in the house. A young kid by the name of Jovani broke the WORD with us. The following night we were at The Lions Den with Pastor Bernie rocking the house. Ill-P  and Mello D as usual rocked the house with I Rep the King. One line has a reference to Throw away kids . I love these guys and support them. Danyelle gave an outstanding poetic night with her awesome Rap. Blessed Child  drove home the message with powerful lyrics. That same week -end we were at CrossOver  Church with Urban D and Phil Wonder and his beautiful wife Christa . They baptised several new believers into Gods Kingdom. They are the Christian Hip-Hop Church of NOW. I love that church and support their ministries.


On the 18th we were at St. Johns Correctional with Mr. Wright and his kids. OmoTayo and Seven J were on board to talk "REAL TALK " to these kids. I want to Thank Youth Services for letting us come in an impact these kids. Since this was our first outreach the kids did not know what to expect. They soon got into the music and fun was had by all.  They picked up tracts and snacks. Thanks to all the staff that warmly welcomed us and were  so kind. We are looking for a great relationship with this program .


On the 25th we were back at Orange Youth with Cal Pate my friend and the new FA. We were out side and it was a nice warm day. We has a very special treat we had a puppet man that made the kids laugh while hearings a postive message . A couple of new kids on the block was Halo Rodriguez aka D J Halo provided the most awesome sound the kids have ever heard. Will Metcalf shared his testimony of how he was in the very same spot these kids are in  and how JESUS changed his life and he was set free to  LIVE. CFL topped it all off with his testimony of Gangs and Drugs was a Dead end road. He shared the heart break of his little brother being killed in a drive by and dieing in his arms. This was very powerful and all the kids listened intensely. The kids picked up snacks and tracts and a few BIBLES that we had.


September was a much needed month of Networking and Rest . Looking forward to the holidays and what that will bring.

September Outreaches

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