August was a quick month for The Throw away Kids . We wrapped up July 31 with several outreaches and did not start off August till the 7th at West Palm Beach Correctional with Mr. TJ  and his staff. It is a new program under Youth Services . A special "SHOUT OUT"to Mr. John Allen .  It was funny because the program told the kids we were a "church group" and that is far from the truth. At first I had 12 kids out of 118. I was very disappointed and ask the staff to please give me more kids. When they went and rounded up 28 . When we started the set the place went crazy. The Good Boys Christian Rappers (that are also Haitian) rocked the socks off the kids. When the other kids saw what we were about they want to come. They peeked in the windows and some were able to talk their way inside. They grabbed up the reading materials and the cookies and all and all it went real well. I will to thank the staff for being so kind and helpful to us. I am looking forward to the next booking. I am hopeful that more kids will come and get the message of "hope 4 the hood."


On Friday the 13 I attended a show with Shawn Allen and friends at River of Life Church in Oviedio Florida. It was a great outreach even though the A/C broke and it was hot. I love Shawn and he is a true Man of God and he is going to be working inside the jails in September.


On Saturday the 14th we were with Mrs.  Norma Wynn FA  at Palmetto with LII P and Mello D. They are from Water to Wine Inc and Holy Zone Records. The kids were as always great and the message was hard and on point. Ms. Wynn is great and her staff is always a welcome group. The kids were very excited to hear from a new set of rappers. They had their choice of reading materials and they each got a "chicken soup for the soul word- find book" . It is always great to be with these kids and see changes in their lives.


On the 26th I have on board a new member Rafael Calderon a cameraman and a good friend. We went to St Johns Correctional Center with Omotayo and Seven J. This is also a  program with Youth Services . Mr Wright the FA was with us and welcomed us into hid program most warmly. This a level 8 and 6. The kids really did not know what to expect but it went very well. Omotayo is from the street and his testimony of being locked up had the kids attention . Seven J is a young 19 year old that can rap so fast the kids were shaking their heads in shock. We took in 20 Bibles and they went off the table  quickly. All the kids got snackes and they were able to talk to the rappers.


On the 29th The Throw Away Kids was at Forest Hills UMC in Tampa. LII P , Mello D, Focused , Carlos and YB's and Commissary. We now have cameras rolling shooting videos . It will be uploaded to You Tube and hopeful that we can expand to TV. A special "shout out"  to Chip Flores of Holy Zone Records for being in the house. We love you all.


I love these kids so much that I will not stop. They need to realize that the choices and decisions they make will affect them sometimes for ever. I thank all the programs that have welcomed us in. I am looking forward to the holidays and the impact we can make on their lives. I thank you for help from all the staff and from all the kids.


Till September Ms. Rita

August Outreaches

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