July was indeed a very busy month for The Throw away Kids as we traveled from one end of the state to the other. We were in Atlanta the week end of the fourth of July with family just chilling and making contacts. It was a much needed rest for us. Being with family was very important for us.It was me talking about the ministry and my "kids". All in All it was a fun week end.


Next ,was the much awaited week- end with Street Pastor from Cleveland Ohio. This was a crew of five that flew here and The Throw away kids housed them for their stay. They went to OYDC in Okeechobee with my friend Cal Pate and the staff. The kids were in for a treat since Street Pastor is with Sling Shot Productions . It is a well known group in the north but new to the South, They delivered a hard driving skit with Pump your Brakes, The kids sat quietly and listened to every word. I was very happy with their message to the kids. We finished the week end with Street Pastor at Cross Over Church where he gave all the youth a word.


July 17 The Throw away kids were in Pasco High School with Water to Wine /Holy Zone Records and Crew. There was Focused, G86, ILL P, Mello D and many others. We had a good time with over 300 kids rocking to the strong beat. It was a great time just talking to other parents and passing out information .


July 22 I was in Miami with the premiere of Hidden Rage . This movie shows the effects of Bullying and what can happen and does happen to kids every day in America.  Bonnie the Storm blew in and I experienced the rains of south floirda. This movie touched ny heart dearly.


July 23 I met with TJ Maurer which welcomed us into Youth Services. We are looking forward to networking and providing services to them at a later date.


July 31 My birthday was spent with my kids at Hasting with OmoTayo and Marcel Big Bruh Way. It was a blast being with my special kids and they sang Happy Birthday to me . It was a time to reflect over the year with this program and know that we are making a change. I wish to give a special Shout Out to Mr. Keith Banks for all the  support he has given the Throw Away Kids this  last year, Thanks for allowing us to come and be part of the program.


Also I ended by day on the 31th with The Potters House In Jacksonville with  Pastor Mclaughin  and Jd the rapper. It was fun and I always love to Hang with the Kids. Well next month is going to be just as excited and we are geared up to get on the ROLL... God Bless You  All

July Outreaches

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