PostHeaderIcon 2013 till 3/2014 Reflections

Check out these kind words from the President of G4S, Jim Hill.

As I reflect over 2013 a lot has happened. Programs were served, kids heard the gospel and I had a serious illness. January 2013 Hope 4 the Hood was in Orange County Youth facility. I had meeting with Mr. Pate and had a Pizza Party. Ren Rock was a guest speaker - all went well. Also Tampa Columbus - DJJ was in attendance & Ms.Melissa Johnson attended. Is'Real and Cell and others came. We were active in OJCC, Orlando Columbus, Brooksville OYA. We held events in the streets of Orlando then flew to Ohio and met many new artists. In June I fell on my stairs and developed two blood clots in my leg. I could no longer walk and all activities were suspended till August, then I was back in Columbus, barely walking. I retired 11/30/2013 from state of Florida after 32 years. Lady Eagle ex-lesbian came from Kansas City to speak at Lake where she delivered a powerful message in December. I welcomed a new vice -president Elliott Daniels that has also founded Blood Bought Radio that gives the kids something to listen to.

2014 Started off great with Columbus, Orange, Hastings and Lake. All programs had events of speakers, books, gifts and treats. The girls got tooth brushes and stuffed animals, the boys composite books. In January I flew to Texas to add a G4S program (jail) and met Chris and Veta Rangel that has a homeless shelter for children. I also partnered with them. A new provider has taken over the volunteer services and finger printed me and due to a charge of drugs 42 years ago. I am temporarily not in any programs. I am complying with all their request and if legal action must be taken I am prepared. Stay Tuned - Pray for Hope 4 the Hood as we continue to change lives and bring Hope to the hopeless. I know this is short and I may of not have mentioned you by name but please comment and add information.

Hugs, Mama Rita.

2013 till 3/2014 Reflections

PostHeaderIcon Closing Out 2012

The Throw Away Kids Network

Sunday December 16th 2012- The Orange Youth Academy is a 48-bed hardware- and staff-secure high-risk program for males between the ages of 14–21. The goal of the program is to provide an environment that offers vast opportunities for personal growth and fosters feelings of safety and well-being. CEO and Founder of The Throw Away Kids and Hope for the Hood Rita Pearson serves as a spiritual and motivational guidance representative to these young men.

Pearson recognized to all as Momma Rita makes efforts to heal these detainee’s and prepare them for a life outside of being locked up. Momma Rita throws a special Christmas Party for the Academy bringing in EMG/Universal Music Group Artist The S.O.G Crew. Front man Dr. Robert ‘Battle Ax’ Ornelas grabs their attention when he shares his story. He was a man who used to be just as these boys in and out of trouble. Now Ornelas makes history as the first Latin American to run for Vice president of the United States. The detainees usual ‘to cool for school’ attitude diminished, replaced with looks of hope and possibility.

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This year has really been exciting for Hope4theHood. We have been to many jails, flown to different states, made many new friends and done so much. I will start backwards, since it is fresh in my mind.


The month of December was very exciting for us since it is the month of Christmas and I am writing this on Christmas Eve. Parties for the kids in jails was on tap. With the SOG crew from California we gave the Orlando Youth Academy and Orlando Intensive Academy a huge party. We did Bibles and Basketballs with games and the crew giving their testimony. Music was provided by Jon Dobb a professional DJ. The kids had a great time and it was a life changing experience. We wrapped it up at Crossover Church.Columbus Residential Facility also had a Bible and Basketball party. I was joined by Willo, Joel Banks, Michael Archangel ,and others as they gave inspiration to the boys. Lives have been changed going inside. The other program we served was Okeechobee Juvenile Offender Correctional Center and Okeechobee Girls Academy. Sean Lippman and friends came to the boys and played football and basketball and Angie Bee, Lexis and Cathy were at the girls. Exciting time for all.


In November it was Thanksgiving and the jails Tampa Orlando and Okeechobee had us again. I spent time with Family in Atlanta for the Holiday.


In October it was an exciting month because we had Corey Hicks from Vine Church in Louisiana go into Columbus on a Thursday Night. He is a Pastor, Rapper and has his own record company.The kids were in for a treat. His testimony is a life changing experience. There was also Jonathan Burton that was going to sign with the NBA. The kids listened and it was awesome. Thanks and Shout Out to Pastor Sam that made this happen. Flavor Fest was this month and I attended workshops to increase my knowledge on Urban Ministry. Thanks to Pastor Tommy and Crossover Church.We were at OGA and Orlando. In Orlando there was His Will and Larry Birth. Two Powerful men of God.


September was a very busy month. I was in programs in OGA and Orlando and I flew to Ohio with Queen Royalty to "Out Of The Ashes " with Trueswagg Radio. I met some awesome people there. Ian Cultrona and Prophecy Nnimnoabasi Solachi Voz Essien and others. It was fun for all. The jails we were in was Tampa Orlando and OGA.


For August back to May we were on the road all the time. Programs were served even all the way down to Pompano Substance Abuse Treatment Center with Sean Lippman aka Sean the Baptist went hard. Thanks to Mr. Kwasie Kwaku for the kindness shown to us. Also Thanks to Is Real Nathan Ball for coming to Brooksville to the Boys.


I attended so many events it would take forever. I just touched on a few outstanding events. I have to say a very special Thanks to Calvetti Pate In Orlando for always looking out for his boys. Four of them were able to attend a Pro Concert and it changed their lives.


Thanks to Kingdom Productions for let ting them in. Well 2013 is around the corner and here we come stronger and better. Letsgooooooo



Mama Rita

Closing Out 2012

PostHeaderIcon Going forward into 2012. Hope 4 the Hood Blazing

January started  with the week end of the 4th. Larry Birthright Johnson came from Miami to Okeechobee Juvenile jail Level 10 to speak on Respect to the youth. He gave also his testimony and rapped some songs. The kids loved it and they were inspired. I really appreciate Debbie Gillette and Mr. George Newsome the Program administrator over several programs. All youth received puzzles and “goodies”. On January 14 weekend it was Martin Luther King Jr birthday celebration. This was Hope 4 the Hood 2 in Rivera Beach spreading the Love that Doctor King preached organized by Joe Richardson and Jays Ministry. It was a cold day and overcast but that did not stop us. We were in a well attended parade on a float. Corey Hicks and family came all the way from Louisiana. He is a true solider for the lost. Scott Free from Free Missions gave a very informative workshop on “How to plan and implement successful events“. His knowledge is priceless and what he shared was invaluable. There was free food, clothes, Christian materials had by all. Corey Hicks was HARD in his message to the crowd. Tumifant Music was on board  rapping JESUS in your face. His Will  aka Will Melcafte as always was on point about from the Trap to the da Church. Swagger Bloom rocked the House. Gods Speed spit his heart and reaches those that may never hear the Word of God. Warriors for Christ closed it out. If I left any one out I am sorry. The 14the I was at the Pompano Drug Treatment Center. The kids had an awesome treat of Jamison McIntyre an author with a testimony very much like most of my kids. He is a successful author of the short stories “What He Says As We Walk“. The kids were given games and Basketballs and treats. The 26th Hope 4 the Hood was at SE College in Lakeland with Authentik Ctf and Gods’Speed and Broken and others. It was fun had by all. On the 28th I was in Okeechobee at the OGY for an awesome fashion show done completely by the girls. They were so beautiful with their make-up and their stylist clothes on the “runway”. The girls are very special to me and I enjoy being with them. Ms. Lois Salton was in attendance as was G4S Mr. Hill. Also a big heartfelt, Thank You to Mr. George Newsome that invited me. The food was great and the weather beautiful. It was a great way to end the month.


February Black History Month

In February we rolled into Brooksville with Pastor Terrance Cole and Lit Prophet and Joey. The kids were given a motivational talking from Pastor Cole of I Can Change Me. The rap was on Point and the kids received candy and books. I want to give a big “shout out” to Sophie Franklin that has been so helpful in helping us in our events. Orlando was the next stop on the 18 and Larry Birth Right and crew were on board to speak to the kids. They have started a Bible study with the youth in that program with one-on–one mentoring. These kids are very receptive of the guys and I could never thank them enough. Mr. Pate is one of the greatest FA. He works very closely with our organization. I could never thank him enough. On the 25th Hope for the Hood was back in Pompano Drug Center with Mr. Kwasie  an awesome FA that encourages the youth for change. The Other Side Christian Artists out of Opa Locka brought powerful testimony and rap. All youth got bags of goodies and Jamison McIntyre was there  to assist.


March 2012

March started off with a Bang at OYDC Okeechobee Youth Development Center with Mr. Jordan. Pastor Terrance Cole came and gave his motivational speech about his 8 years in prison. The kids listened and was very inspired with it. That night we were at a concert with Thi’sl a widely known artist that delivers a Hard Core message on the dangers of drugs. We were together also in Cocoa Beach in an event in Anderson Park with Daniel Jones and the crew. Several artists helped out Gods speed and several others. Souls were touched. Adam Neff, Joshua Roberts and Cuba helped me out with an information table. I attended a Black History event in Tallahassee and met several people from DJJ. Mr. Marcus Smith was seated at my table. I am looking forward to possibly connecting with him in the future. Orlando was on board on the 17th with the crew from Larry Birthright and his crew. They are really faithful to God and the organization. I am blessed to have them in my life. The youth really love them also. On the 31 Boy Wonda and Gods’speed was in Okeechobee Juvenile jail with their hard delivered testimony and “chopped it up one-one with the youth". They  are forming a real rapport with the youth and they are well liked. There is a poster contest going on and the results will be forth coming. I really appreciate the staff especially Mr. Birts for all the help he gives me.


April 2012

April was exciting because I did to events that inspired me and was great networking. But first I was in Tampa at Columbus juvenile jail. I want to give a huge Thank You to Mr. Sam because without him I could not do what I do. God’speed and Kalen Wright were on board to help me. The rap and message was powerful. The one on one fellowship with the youth went well. All the youth love God ‘speed and Hope 4 the Hood. Orlando was on the 14 with Larry and his crew. They have completely stepped up to take over that jail. I thank them so much because with the traveling it is hard and working full time. Thank you all for all you are doing in Orlando. Next to Atlanta on the 21 to assist “The Show” for P21 entertainment group with Corey Red. It was held at Decatur Mall and it was so much fun. Thanks to Patrick Nelson for asking me. I met Corey Red, Blessed and so many other Artists I could not possibly remember them all. I wish to personally Thank Queen Royalty for the hosting and just being there for me. You are so special to me and Hope 4 the Hood. The very next week I went back to Atlanta for the Per-Doves and I was at Hype Radio with Chris Chicago and Gospel Gantezs, Flame, Dj Will, Sean The Baptist, Benjamin, Pro, K Drama Gideon's Army and so many others. Tempest and the Crew from The Righteous Temple of Holy Hip Hop was on board from out of Tampa. It was a fun night and I loved it …Grinding Hard for Jesus. On the 20th I was at a City Takers lunch and networking was awesome. I was with Kam B.I.N.O. Scott Free Gospel Gangtaz, Gideona Army Double and all the crew. Queen Royalty was on board with “The Rep Life“ TV program for Live interviews. Thanks also for Dion. It was awesome. The following weekend I was at a Conference with Angie Bee. Ir Isreal, Mello D, Swagger Bloom, The BossMan, C Dub, Jon Dash and his Kingdom Guys, Wendell my kid from that spits Cerole and others were there. I wish to personally Thank Pastor Andra L Martin and First Lady for hosting the event. Also Jasmine Johnson from Signet Ministry out of Jacksonville. It was a wonderful time of fellowship.


My Life Rolling this Journey is so incredible I can't even explain. God has given me this mission and I do not take it lightly. Keep me in prayer and in the coming months I will be 60 and looking forward to much more. Many Thanks to Melday and for Trueswaggradio for all they do for providing music to the world. Thanks for all the cds given to me also. They have all been shipped ..... Lets Keep Grinding


Going Forward Peace

Momma Rita

Going forward into 2012. Hope 4 the Hood Blazing

PostHeaderIcon CLOSING OUT 2011


November 12 Brooksville was with Pastor Terrance Cole and his crew Litt Prophet Joey and others. They rocked the event with Jesus Jam and the youth  responded with prayers and "chop it up" with the guys. I thank you so much for helping Hope 4 the Hood by taking that program and helping us out. Special ,Special Thank You and Shout out to Sophie Franklin-Robinson for all you do for your program and kids. God Bless You so Much.

Hope 4 the Hood was also at Okeechobee Juvenile Jail with Larrybirth Right...The kids loved it the talk and all the hard music delivered.. Respect and more RESPECT was told to the kids. AC Arthur Council was in the girls jail with a young lady that gave an encouraging word.  Reading Materials and snacks were given to the youth.

Thank you Debbie Gillette and Demetria Refoure for all you do for the youth in your care.

On November 19 we rolled into Palmetto with G86 and all the stuff for the youth. G86 as usual gave his ex-gang speech and coming to Christ and his turn around from the streets to a successful business owner. The youth got chocolate and books and were able to talk to G86. Thank you Bertha Green and Ms. Wynn.


December started out and Christmas around the corner.....

12/10 was a Christmas Party in Orange we took in Basketballs and checkers and Bible and books and snacks ... all of Trumifant Music came Konvation Zo Mitchell Larry Birth Astro Onit and Joshua Lui Matthews His Will and Born Again  all came and played ball and chopped it up.... It was a great time for all. Thank You Cal Pate for all you do for the Boys .....You are appreciated. They are taking over the Orlando with the events as often as possible. Thank You guys.

12/17 Hope 4 the Hood was in Tampa Columbus jail with God's Speed and DJ Cross. The youth has a great time listening to the rap and the  message from Gods Speed . Reading material and all were  given out to the youth. A great time was had by all.

12/25 Christmas Day was spent at the Okeechobee Girls Jail delivering Christmas to each girl . There were baskets of hair products ,make up and reading material, and candy were  given to each girl  along with 2 pairs of socks. The girls are over joyed and songs and games were done. We had hoops, paddle boards and prizes. It was fun for all. Thank You Demetria Refoure for all you do for the girls.

I did attend City Takers with Scott Free and Lit Prophet Gideon Army  Jeremy Jerm Beckelhimer. Updated on our Radio Station True Swagg it is literately around the world and over 80,000 listeners and we praise God for that ....

Closed out the year with good news......

Over 300 decisions for Christ 3 youth got good jobs and 1 is starting college this month January.  They are contacting  us and we are there to help them as we can.

God bless all of you and in 2012 the Best is yet to come.....Lets goooooooooooooo

PostHeaderIcon August, September and October H4H going hard

Hope 4 the Hood went really hard the last 3 months and a lot has happened. I will break it down.... the best I can .... August was a month wild.... on the 6   of August Lady Eagle 8  and  Diligence  was in Palmetto going hard to 30 kids in Palmetto. We delivered a message of change and take control of your lives. Lady Eagle gave a tearful message of how their generation is needed for society and the streets are no way out. Diligence gave his  st8 message of gang life to the kids and it hit hard ... it was a up in your face talk.The kids picked up books and candy and most of all the LOVE of JESUS .

On the 13 was Lecrea Man Up and what can you really say about that .... it was exciting and fun and of course a lot of networking.

On the 20 H4H rolled into Brooksville  with Ryan Kelsie, Jermine Rob and Pastor Terrance Cole held down the sound. The kids really enjoy us coming . The testimonies of the rappers and how  they can deliver it is awesome.  H4H are there in these programs to mentor those that want it . We want to offer Jesus as a different way of Life.... We have been going there for over a year. Thanks to the staff for being so kind and helpful . Shout out to Ms. Sofie Robinson

On the 27 rolled into Orando with His Will , Born Again , Konviction and crew. The kids love us and we love them because Jesus Loves them . The kids got Life Books and snacks and JESUS Love .....Shout out to Mr. Pate.


September started off with a bang. H4H was in Melbourne with Changers Generation with Rachel Owens . This was an event in a park . His Will and Born Again Richie  Redemption All of Triumfant Mizik Also on Board from Ohio was Jun-nes and BreSean and Crew. Chosen was also on Board. People came and hung out and had a good time. I wish to thank Changers Generation for having us.

On the 10 I was at the girls jail and we had a pizza party and I share some of my testimony. In OJCC The Mcs held it down. I wish to personally thank George Newsome that runs these two programs for allowing us to go in. These Kids are very special and the girls are very important to God.

On the 17 in Palmetto Petey the Disciple and Diligence was back at Palmetto and the kids really loved Petey that took it in hard to the kids with his story of foster care and his life Before Christ and After. They had a lot of questions and all wanted to talk to him.

24th in Orange with His Will Born again and Larry Birth Rite.....again hard in their face of the importance of Education and working for a successful life.The kids listened intently .

last friday of the Month at River run Church with Pastor Brian Dorn and Slave 618, 1 Accord, His Will..... what a night ... Received ton of  the Life Books and that was a thrill..... To be able to bless so many at the Misfit Tour on the 1st of October....

Da Truth Ambassador Mali Music and all special shout out  to Nehemiah Weaver. All the Kingdom Production Kids ...  They are so special to me and H4H . Love to you all....

Following week was Flavor Fest and that is enough to make any one WILD ..... Corey Hick and Doc  went to Columbus jail in Tampa and spoke and rapped to the kids. Their Testimony was so touching. I thank you Corey for helping H4H and mama Rita. You have such a heart for these kids it is overwhelming. Jesus loves you and so do I. H4H donated all expenses paid to 9 Guests /rappers to seed into their lives. There was Joe Richardson my PC with H4H. The rappers were Diligence, Born Again, Roger Atkinson,, Petey the Disciple ,George Lott, Boy Wonda   . I networked and got to hang with everyone . It was Crazy.

On the 19 I drove to Jacksonville and boarded a plane to Dayton Ohio where I met up with Melday Pettit that has a radio station called True Swagg Radio. He was my first sound man years ago. We are partners with each other. Trueswag is under H4H . There is big plans to expand H4H in Ohio into the jails and Hoods.

There was an event in Piqua on the 21st with Lady Eagle 8 D Hunter from Atlanta and Jun-nes and Bresean from Hamilton and Dayton Ohio. God is on the Move with H4h and we are going in . We are in Ohio and the station is on 24/7

Last of the month in Brooksville and Diligence gave his gang message and kids received Candy and Life Books. It has been an exciting 3 months and I give God the praise for all he is doing.... November has already blew my mind stay tuned.

If I forgot anyone I am sorry I need better records..... maybe a




Mama Rita

August, September and October H4H going hard
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